The Davis family has finally got to move into their new home through the replacement home program. Bonnie is glowing with excitement and Ray is as grateful as could be!


Our Replacement Home Program benefits so many people in our community.


To be eligible for a replacement home, the home and land has to be paid off and owned by the person living in the home. Along with ownership, the home must be irreparable, meaning there is too much damage to the home to invest in repairs.


We have partnered with the Uintah Basin Applied Technology College, Duchesne County Jail, USDA Rural Development and Olene Walker Housing Loan Funds to bring this great program to our community.

Our partnership with UBATC and Duchesne County Jail allows us to have the new home built by State Prisoners at the Duchesne County Jail through the Building Trades program taught by a UBATC instructor. This benefits both the community and the prisoners, replacing irreparable homes with brand new beautiful homes and giving prisoners the skills and confidence to change their lives after release.

Our USDA RD and Olene Walker Housing Loan Funds partnership allows us to give our client the most affordable house payment option.

When the house is almost finished being built at the Duchesne County Jail we will hire a few different licensed contractors to do the preparation work at the homeowner’s property. First the existing home must be demolished, then a foundation is dug and concrete is poured. When the preparation work is complete, the new home will be put onto semi-trailers and brought over to the permanent location. After about 2 weeks of finish work by the prisoners and some contractors the homeowner is now ready to move into their beautiful new home.