The stress for a family that loses their home is significant.  The impact on both heads of household and children who become homeless is hard to overcome.  Preventing homelessness for those who are already housed is a benefit to the community as well as to the individual household.  The Homeless Prevention Program stabilizes households that were previously in danger of being evicted and becoming homeless by providing some short term assistance to help families get back on their feet. 


One Time 50% Match Program

These funds are provided to families in crisis when the family can demonstrate that rental arrears was caused by circumstances beyond the family's control, which significantly affected the family's ability to pay. This circumstance must have made them unable to resolve the delinquency within a reasonable time, or unable to make a full payment.

We can provide a one-time rental/mortgage or first month’s deposit assistance to prevent the client from becoming evicted and eventually homeless.


  • Priority is given to special targeted homeless groups such as senior citizens, disabled and households with children.
  • All funds must be matched by the client dollar for dollar and bring them current.
  • Our assistance cannot exceed $500.00.
  • The client must be able to resume full monthly payments and the burden of proof of this requirement will rest with the client.


TANF Rapid Re-housing Program

The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) Rapid Re-housing Program purpose is to assist needy families for a maximum of 4 months or until the crisis is over.  Considering the client follows a goal oriented plan designed to guide them to success.  TANF can assist with rental deposits, rental assistance, rental arrears, utility deposits, utility assistance, and utility arrears. This is intended to get clients back on their feet and functioning or assist until the crisis is over.  There is an income guideline determined by family size and certain stipulations that must apply.  

There must be children under the age of 18 in the household to receive TANF Rapid Re-housing assistance.  TANF can only help households who are families.  A family is a group of individuals living together related by blood, marriage, or decree of court.  The TANF Rapid Re-housing program also requires clients to seek out all mainstream public services as well as an intense job search.  This is done through the local Workforce Services liaisons located in Vernal and Roosevelt.  Clients are also required to open a child support recovery case if they haven’t already done so, and file taxes to receive earned income credits. 


Duchesne County Rental List (pdf)

Uintah County Rental List (pdf)


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