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2016 Uintah Basin Association of Governments

Board of Directors


Chairperson Commissioner Ron Winterton, Duchesne County

1st Vice Chairperson Mayor Sonja Norton, Vernal City

2nd Vice Chairperson Commissioner Jack Lytle, Daggett County

Commissioner Clyde Slaugh, Daggett County

Commissioner Karen Perry, Daggett County

Mayor Gretchen Northcott, Manila Town

Commissioner Ken Burdick, Duchesne County

Commissioner Greg Todd, Duchesne County

Mayor Kathleen Cooper, Myton City

Mayor Vaun Ryan, Roosevelt City

Mayor RoJean Rowley, Duchesne City

Mayor Clyde Watkins, Altamont Town

Mayor Charlie Strebel, Tabiona Town

Commissioner Mark Raymond, Uintah County

Commissioner Mike McKee, Uintah County

Commissioner Bill Stringer, Uintah County

Mayor Dean Baker, Naples City

Mayor Bob Abercrombie, Ballard Town

Community Service & Food Pantry Advisory Board

2016 Board Bylaws


Chairperson Mayor JR Bird, Roosevelt City

1st Vice Chairperson Commissioner Clyde Slaugh, Daggett County

2nd Vice Chairperson Commissioner Brad Horrocks, Uintah County

Mayor Bob Abercrombie, Ballard City

Sylvia Carrell, Duchesne County – Low Income Representative

Stewart Leith, Daggett County – Low Income Representative

Open ??? – Low Income Representative

Open ??? – Low Income Representative

Suzanne Prevedel, Duchesne County – Private Sector

Mary Ann McAllister, Uintah County – Private Sector

Robert Schulte – Duchesne County – Private Sector

Fran Harding – Uintah County – Private Sector

Robin Hatch – Ex-Officio, Lutheran Church

Amber Savage – Ex-Officio, Red Cross

Julianne Ehlers – Ex-Officio, Red Cross