UBAOG County Resource Database Project Timeline

Uintah, Duchesne and Daggett Counties are required to prepare County Public Resource Management Plans (RMPs) detailing each county’s plans for the use, development, protection, and management of public resources within its boundaries. These RMPs will then be used by the counties to coordinate with federal agencies with jurisdiction over those resources in updating federal land management plans.


As part of this process, the Uintah Basin Association of Governments (UBAOG) is putting together a comprehensive database of public resources and is looking for input from interested stakeholders and the public regarding the current state of those resources and what future plans for the use, development and protection of those resources should be.


You can send us your comments by doing any of the following:

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Daggett County is located on the north slope of the Uinta Mountains, an east-west running range some 150 miles long and 30 miles wide that has been dramatically carved by glaciers. The Uintas contain the highest peaks in the state. Leidy Peak at 12,028 feet is the highest peak in the county. The Uintas are the source of much of the water for the Green River which cuts through them at the east end of the range. The county is bordered on the north by Wyoming, on the east by Colorado.


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Duchesne County is a great place to call home for the 18,000+ people who live here.

The County starts at the west gate of the Uintah Basin and extends to it's heart. The County is bordered on the east and west by Uintah and Wasatch counties respectively, on the north by Summit County, and on the south by Carbon County. The state's highest mountain, King's Peak at 13,528 feet above sea level, is located in the county's Uinta Mountains. Major streams running through the county include the Strawberry, Duchesne, Lake Fork, and Yellowstone rivers.

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Uintah County is located in the central portion of the Uintah Basin, which extends sixty miles into western Colorado. The northern rim of the basin is formed by the Uintah Mountains, the western rim by the Wasatch Mountains, and the southern rim by the Roan and Book cliffs. The basin is the geological remains of prehistoric Uintah Lake, formed during the late Tertiary period, the same period when sediment was deposited in the lake bottom to form gilsonite, oil shale, tar sands, and oil. Ashley Creek and the White, Uintah, and Green rivers are the major streams in the county. The Green, the largest of the four, slices through the central portion of the county.


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